Thursday, January 31, 2008

One Wednesday in January

Wednesday, 30 Jan starts with sermon preparation. At noon time our team celebrate Hong Teck's birthday. He actually turned 34 on 1st Jan. So we're a little late but... Today Kam picked the place. We go to this coffee shop that I notice has been renovated. It seems the birthday boy enjoyed the lunch treat. Here is the photo of guys in our team. Desmond is the newest member. The last time we did lunch was November when we had bak kut teh. We really need to get together a bit more.

Next I walk over to meet Lawrence and Omar. Lawrence arranged for this some time ago. Omar is also 34 and is from Peru. He told us he wanted to be a Catholic priest. Now he is doing a Masters degree (civil engineering) in Sao Paulo and desires to be a missionary. He is here to improve his English during the uni break and has been with our church since Dec. He shares what he has learnt in our church. Today Lawrence buys him a Brazilian lunch. Pity that I have already eaten.

Next I meet with Jeff in the office. Afterwards I clear e-mails and return phone calls. Then there is CN and Christine's wedding rehearsal tonight. This last Wednesday in January is quite a day.

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