Saturday, February 28, 2015

A welcome rest

February was Lunar New Year celebrations. The 5-day break was a welcome rest after an intense early 7 weeks in 2015. It was great to chill with our family, with Dinah's extended family and with friends. I called dad and mom. We had dinners with Dinah's family. We visited Esmond and Sue, Yu Ming and Linda, Vincent and Jenny, and Jacq visited us. We caught a movie and I caught up with writing. The weather was warm but cloudy.

There were good times outside LNY celebrations. There were catch ups with Kok Hiang and Sharon, with Henry, Melvyn, Boon Hup, Vincent and Kok Hiang, and with Charmaine too. There was jogging and family prayer.

Ministry wise, there was the launch of the new support group. Dinah and I spent Valentine's Day with couples from True Way Presbyterian Church. I did a mini-series at Living Waters Methodist church and spoke at the Fellowship of Christian Care Professionals. And church polity drafting.

Weather wise, there were cool days at the start. It became warm but cloudy with some rain. There were more hot days though. The last day of the month was a real scorcher. A sign of days to come?