Friday, August 25, 2006

Writer Fatigue?

My last post was towards the end of June. That means its been 2 months that I've not updated my blog. Well I did find two unfinished articles in July that I started on. Can almost hear someone referring to my sermon on procrastination or that sermon about not finishing what you start. I 'hate' it when they use my preaching against me.

The last post also means that its been 1 year that I've been blogging. Hong Teck initiated the idea and he helped me get started. Thanks buddy. On average I may have managed 3 posts per month. That probably means almost 40 articles so far.

Do I attribute my non-writing over these two months to increasing workload? Is it due to the fact that it is hard to churn out good articles week after week? The most likely diagnosis is writer fatigue.

Here's what I mean. Cara, my colleague just commented last week on the sheer number of forewords I need to write. And that's just the forewords. You don't want to know about the other things.

Do let me recover from this bout of writer fatigue. This lull will allow me some time to ponder the focus of my blog. Do I write about my adventures or do I post articles? Till then...