Friday, January 31, 2014


I pondered a lot over January. Then a dear friend called and spoke of this same matter. Some time later another friend said the very same thing over lunch. Now I am like: "So this is what you are saying Lord."

During the month of pondering, there were ministry moments too. There were a series of meetings in Kuching. It was good to catch up with friends here. I also needed to teach one session on crises leadership. Besides the trip, there was much to be done on the CATALYSE polity team. And there was a devotion and mentoring.

The weather was nice and cool. It was enjoyable to work from home. Work wise, I prepared to enter a new role.

There were fond memories on spending part of Jan 1 in Sabah. Our family got back to SG on the first day of 2014 and had a time of prayer. The month ended with Lunar New Year celebrations. Jan 30 was reunion dinner with Dinah's family. Jan 31 was spent with Dinah's mom. So thankful for this spate of holidays, time with family and friends, and the nice weather.