Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Pretty Intense

One big part of Sep was Mark Holmen's ministry trip. Dinah and I helped to host him at seminars, consultations and meetings. This 12-day visit took up much of the first half of the month. It was pretty intense. Then we helped host Michael Brown for a seminar during month-end.
In between the visits, it was a lot of catch up with work piled up during Mark's visit.  There was a visit to a support group. There was a NA conference call. There were mentoring sessions. I also spoke at Wesley.
Dinah and I did take time off to hang out with the twins. We managed some spring cleaning. Family prayer continued. Jogging and swimming continued too. The highlight was the Cavalia show, courtesy of the twins. My down side in Sep was the 2 days of broken sleep. Also had to fix one part of the car.
It was great to bump into Francis one morning. Then Betty cooked us dinner and Chin Sim hosted lunch. The Luns got us to celebrate the Maks birthday birthday together. There was a great time with Alan and Jason. And we hosted dinner for Evelyn and Benni.