Monday, June 30, 2014

New Season

Dinah and the twins took me out on Father's Day to celebrate. Another family highlight was time at a camp with Eddie Ma. There was also a memorable dinner with Paul.

Dinah and I met Benjamin and Ailene. We finally caught up with Wee Leng and Wan Phing. Kenny connected Tony Siew and I. Then I met Hon. And it was good to catch up with Edmond.

The adventure in Focus continued. There were
so many meetings. There was time for existing ministry. Dinah and I hosted an amazing session on marital sexuality. There was a global polity meeting. I spoke at Life United. Got to know Darren, Angela, Phoebe, Victoria, Emily and Chau. I continued with mentoring.
Much of June evenings and weekends were spent preparing for HARVEST. There were Skype calls, message preparation, packing and praying. Dinah and I flew off on Jun 29 via Taipei. There was time to connect with Seattle folks before HARVEST and prepare for the retreat and conference.