Sunday, January 27, 2008

The changing weather

Dinah and I both feel the increasing humidity and heat. The story starts on Sunday. Dinah and I see Lalita at the Team Rally and say hello. I hope to catch her before she goes home. Sun night sees me with an episode of sneezing in between munching chocolates.

Dinah and I are on leave on Monday. I awake with throat infection and still sneezy so spend the day resting. This 'flu' knocks me out much of Tuesday. My throat still hurts on Wednesday. I try to talk less when someone calls on Skpye or on the phone. Dinah shuttles the twins around as I try to rest and drink water.

Its Thursday and there is no sign of the pain leaving. Its time with Steffen. He spent 5 months with us several years back. Now he is a pastor in Stuttgart. Daniel and Tobias from Stuttgart are also here with us. Today Lawrence and I assist in Steffen's initiation into Indonesian food. Later my wife says I should have avoided fried chicken. That cold pink guava drink doesn't help either. Thank God that Lawrence help answer Steffen's many questions.

Charmaine arranges lunch on Friday with Lalita. Her flight home is Saturday morning. Lalita was with our church for 5 years. Now she is back in Nepal. She misses Hokkien mee. Well I had breakfast with her in the recent conference with a bunch of leaders. Its good to have a smaller group today even though I can't talk much.

I see our doctor after seeing Lalita. He says to stop talking and start resting. I tell him that I have 5 sermons on the weekend. He says, "I'll give you strong medication". It is potent as I spend Saturday and Sunday preaching without any pain. After all that its good to have lunch with Chien Meng. Yes l I feel 'spent' on Sunday evening and can sense a hangover coming.

It hasn't been fun being sick this week. Its probably because of the changing weather. It was cool but its been hot & humid this week. Or maybe it's the chocolates. But I do miss the cool days.


Anonymous said...

Pastor, there is this purple coloured strepsil (non drowsy) that's a very good lozenges to ease throat pain. you can get it at ntucs or phamarcies. its good if you do not want to be under the influence of flu medcine and the ease is almost instant!!

Strepsils Extra Blackcurrant Lozenges- containing Hexylresorcinol 2.4mg - an ingredient which is both antiseptic to fight bacterial infection but also has anaesthetic properties to relieve pain.

Anonymous said...

Next time it happens (touch wood), take some starfruit juice with a little bit of salt if you want... :)