Sunday, November 30, 2014

Change in the air

It was very special to have Stan and Samuel visit us. This was a very memorable evening. Here's a pic by Daniel.

In the month, Dinah and I got to know Richard, Silas and Mona from Shekinah AG church. We caught up with Simon Eng. There was a fun dinner with Yiu Wah, Yeow Chuan, wife, kids and Daryl, There was the extended evening with Tiong Howe. There was time with Henson and catch-up with Vincent and Jenny.

Otherwise, November felt very much like a month of preparation. There was planning and preparation including late nights and weekends for LEGACY, for Quebec and the upcoming wholeness conference.

Ministry wise, there was LEGACY. Dinah and I also ministered at the Faith AG church marital sexuality workshop. I spoke to AG ministers and at Shekinah AG church. I also spoke at KCC. Then I joined the Yale-NUS Christian Fellowship. There was a thank-you dinner for long-time church members. There was a conference call as well as mentoring.

Whilst jogging in the middle of the month, I felt the humidity retreating with a familiar incoming breeze. There is a temperature change in the air. Cooler season is coming. There were also a few afternoon showers during the month and a bit of nice weather at month-end.