Friday, April 27, 2007

Easter in 2007

Dinah and I flew to Vancouver on Thursday via Seoul. Discovered I don't enjoy bilingual flight announcements. We are glad to see our friend, Steph Zee at the Vancouver airport. Its a cool 10 degrees here. Its our first time at the Hope Vancouver church conference. Its also our first time at their church service.

Their conference starts on Good Friday at Port Coquitlam. This is also the venue of their Sunday worship. My eyes are heavy despite having sufficient sleep. Its jet lag attack. Pastor William suggest we go to the hot tub in the afternoon. It is a feat to preach at night with jet lag in full swing.

After the Sat morning session, William says, "Your jet lag is over". So I guess yesterday's session must have been lethargic. Then we get news that both our kids are sick so we pray. Later in the afternoon, William's son Andrew take me to the back yard where I try out his paint ball gun. It is so fun. We go back for preaching. The night session ends late

Easter morning is rainy. Over ten homeless people come for the special lunch. The conference resumes after lunch. Then we pack up and do a visitation followed by a dinner with church leaders. Catch the camp stories and photos at

We spend Monday with William and Lan discussing church. We spend some time with Victoria too. Dinah seem to have caught a cold.

Tuesday is spent with Lan, Marilyn and Chris. Marilyn and Chris are leaders and both came to Christ through our church in Singapore. Dinah gets quite sick but maintains a positive countenance. We join their regular Tuesday leaders night meeting.

William and Lan bring us to their saloon on Wednesday. They insist of doing our hair before driving us to the airport. Its our first time on Air Canada. In LAX, our friends Judy and Cyn are on hand to take us to the hotel. We settle down then have dinner with them. We're excited to hear how the LA church is doing since Dec 06.

On Thur Cyn take us for a meeting. Today LA experiences a wind storm. After lunch with Cyn she takes us to another meeting. Later Jason and Emmy take us to church. We have dinner with church leaders. Afterwards we get good news that the twins are getting better.

On Friday our old friend Beh from San Diego come around with Pao and Cyn. We drop stuff off at church and drove to the camp site. We take the anti motion sickness tablets Crystal gave us. It knocked us out for the one hour drive up the mountain. Its cold up here. I try to shake the effects of the tablets to teach at the night session.

Dinah is much better on Saturday. Thank God because she starts teaching today. It is so cold up here that it actually snows for an hour. The winds up here are 32km/hr. We had to find the heater switch in our room to sleep that night.

We are getting used to the mountain but its time to go. We are glad because overall the church seems to be in better shape. Going downhill without anti-motion sickness pills, we get a headache. At least the conversation with Beh is stimulating. We check in to the same hotel before Chai and Crystal take us for an extended dinner.

We are glad to have Monday off. Everywhere we walk today, TV screens report the Virginia Tech killings. It's tragic news unfolding... Its overwhelming. Later Sam, Sung and baby Grace arrive at 4 pm to take us out. We get gifts then have dinner together. At night David calls from Chicago.

Tues morning has a twist. Lee take us for breakfast and we actually meet Sam and Grace in the same place having just bought breakfast for us. What a blesssing! Then Lee take us to the airport. There's heavy security presence in LAX today. El Al, the Israeli airline has flight today. SIA is doing a manual check in to simulate when computers are down so the line moves slowly. We finally get on the half-empty plane but get stuck on the run way for 2 hours because a part on the wing is loose. We finally take off. I try to lie down on 4 seats but I just can't sleep. That's the story of my life. Thankfully I get some sleep flying from Seoul to Singapore.

Here is a group photo of the LA camp.