Saturday, March 31, 2012

March has been very good

   The start of the month was birthday time. This year's celebration was quite different. On the eve, Dinah and our twins took me out for a special meal. On the day itself, Charmaine took Dinah and I to a raw food workshop. It was a pretty unique. Then Jan prepared a nice dinner. Later in the night, Arsenal won against Liverpool in Anfield.
   Another March highlight was catching up with our Hope regional pastors in Singapore for two nights. Then there was a 10-day business trip to the UK. This is my fourth overseas trip of the year. There were management meetings plus corporate training. It was good that I could catch up with my brother on the weekend.
   It was such a blessing to get to know Pastor Adeola Mensah from Lagos. Jan invited me to get together. Here's the pic from Jan's camera.
  The month ended on a positive note. Glen suggested for our buddies to catch up over dinner at the Penang Place. It was just a fun time.
  Yes, I am thankful for kind weather this month. It is awesome to have cool weather when you work from home. March has been very good.