Wednesday, July 31, 2013


July was intense. It started with BREAKTHROUGH in Seattle. The conference theme on spiritual warfare was special and timely. Dinah and I could gather with our NA leaders prior to conference and with individuals and couples after conference. Here's a pic.
My other big highlight was the Love Gone Wrong Made Right conference in Singapore. It was incredible to have such an array of gender, marriage and family life topics addressed in one single event. I was so blessed, along with others. 
Dinah and I conducted Mentoring Marriage Training for new marriage mentors. Also I joined the 33rd anniversary celebration of the Singapore Centre for Global Missions.   
It was very good to catch up with Ongs here from Australia. It was great to catchup with Richard, an old friend from the US, Nicola from Kuching and Thuan Seng from SG.
There was work to reply to queries on the visa application. And jet lag after the US trip. Most days were hot and humid but thankfully there were several cool ones too.