Friday, October 31, 2014


October is when three quarters of our household celebrate birthdays. The first celebration for Dinah was at the office. Different ones also took her out for lunch. Our family took Dinah to lunch and to dinner. Jan celebrated. Then Dinah and I took the twins out to lunch, for shopping and to dinner. Jan also celebrated. The care group surprised them. In between celebrations, we caught an awesome movie. At month-end, the twins went on live radio to share a teen perspective on parenting at 938LIVE.

Our buddies gathered and celebrated Dinah and Paul's birthdays. Our family caught up with Charmaine. And she sprang birthday gifts. Dinah and I celebrated Leslie’s birthday too. Stan, Norhaya and family had our family over for a meal. Calvin and Charis took us to dinner. Don and Su Ching hosted us at their place. I also caught up with Jason. Our family loved the WTA matches with Christian and Michael. 

Ministry wise, Dinah and I continued with marriage mentoring. We joined a session with Mark Sandford. We visited David and Alice's family ministry group. I had mentoring and also moderated at the Female Intimacy session There was the Global Polity meeting and ministering at Grace AG and SJSM. 

The hot days became hazy too (sigh). And I find myself thinking of year-end weather.