Sunday, March 31, 2013

Birthday Time

     This year's birthday was very special. Li Chuang from Nairobi and Lawrence and Pat from Perth were all in town. I was so thrilled to spend those few days together with some of my favourite people. Our church in Seattle celebrated again when we visited. Glen and our buddies celebrated with us at Andrew's. Our office also celebrated. Then Dinah and I celebrated Vincent and Jenny's birthdays.
   Another celebration was our nephew Victor who married Monica. Talking about family, our twins had an eye-opening taste of working life. And I did have a work trip. The office organised bowling for which my body ached for 3 days.
    Another highlight was being part of a Homecoming gathering with Pastor Eddie Ma. Church wise, we got to visit the church my brother-in-law pastors. Most significant was the ministry trip to the US. Dinah and I spent two full days with our church in Seattle. Then we spent 3 packed days with our North American leaders in Redding. Then we came back.
  March has been just amazing and I am still smiling.