Friday, August 31, 2012

Space is getting low

   The first 3 days of the month was intense. I flew to Malaysia to conduct this first-ever training for new first-line managers. Course participants came from Malaysia and Vietnam. After training, we hung out and enjoyed PJ street food. Here's a pic. Then I flew home and felt a massive hangover for 3 days. It was no easy feat to design, develop and deliver a course virtually singlehandedly. And this course had 12 lessons.
   Another highlight was meeting with Pastor Ong Chooi Seng from the Church of the Ascension. Our appointment had already been postponed once. We finally met and after lunch, he was so kind to take me on a guided tour of the St Andrews Village. Memories of school days came flooding back at every turn. The last time I visited here was probably over 12 years ago.
   The final memory of August was the dreaded message "Phone storage space is getting low". This was constant, like every two hours daily. Only in September, did I realise I could move some applications to the SD card. There is a lesson somewhere here about reading PDF instruction manuals.