Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The storm surrounding CHC

I felt saddened when news of the arrests surfaced yesterday. Last night I pondered about this whole matter. Here are three reflections.

It is important to discipline our selves to think the best of people. Contemporary culture can among other things be a culture of critics. “What do you think of that performance?” “What did you think of what the manager said?” If not careful, believers will have a shortage of enthusiasm and a surplus of cynicism.

From what I have read, the purpose was to engage society and to reach out. The goal was not personal gain. This is important. The issue is the means to reach this end. The charges are serious. And things will be much clearer in the weeks ahead. So we must not be quick to jump to conclusions or to presume guilt. But we do need to uphold the individuals, their families and the church in prayer.

During this time do watch out for negative and sinful dynamics in our own life. Avoid the judgmental spirit and self-righteousness. All the talents in the world cannot make up for wrong attitude. Our heart posture will want to be lined up with the Lord's heart in this matter. It is important to maintain a right attitude; regardless of circumstances.