Friday, February 28, 2014

An Overture

Dinah and I have prayed over Isaiah 30:21 every night since Nov. We re-read prophecies received in the last 5 years. Then on Feb 7th, a visiting minister prophesied that I will speak to pastors and ministers... around the Singapore coastlines and that the islands will sing praises unto the Lord. Just 2 weeks later, Genesis 22 spoke to me about Abraham walking in faith to step out. He then obeyed to sacrifice Isaac. God was pleased... and stopped him. At about this time, a dear friend wrote to say that there is no conviction that we will relocate. Another dear friend said that the Lord wanted us to take a step of faith to expand and learn new things rather than actually relocating. Okay...

The Lunar New Year holidays was a good time to ponder and process the downloads. There was rest and relaxation. There was also a chance to visit Garrick and Magdalene, Aiilena where we caught up with Anne and Wendy, and have Jeff and Esther visit us.

Our weekly family prayer continued. We shared and then prayed over the big issues. On Valentine's Day, we had dinner out and talked to the twins about our romances during our younger days. This was quite fun. The weekly swim and jog also continued.

It was special to catch up with Chan Pong and Christin after 24 years. It was good getting to know Darren, Robin, Timothy and Eng Han. We enjoyed catching up with Wilson and Suzanne, Nam Seng and Sok Mian, and Vincent and Jenny. Then Charmaine took our family out for my early birthday treat.

Ministry wise, we joined a gathering of start-up churches. Later Dinah and I spoke to marriage mentors. It was special to speak at the Lasting Lessons equipping series. Then I was part of a new church+marketplace prayer initiative. There were several ministry meetings too but the memorable one was the one with Greg, Alan, Joshua, Mohan and Leslie. Here's a pic. We started with dinner and intros. We opened our hearts. We talked ministry. We prayed out in the open at Raffles Place, till late. What an evening!

Weather wise, the dry spell continued with no rain. Initially mornings were slightly cool. Then it warmed up. Days became warm but cloudy. By mid-month it was mainly warm and humid. Sigh.

Work wise, the IT business decided at end-Feb not to relocate me to North America. And I was actually prepared for this news. That early-Feb prophecy and various sensing and words prepared my heart. So this near 5-year transition process is an overture to something else. Praying that things will be clearer soon...