Thursday, June 30, 2011

A New Chapter

The month of June in 2011 has been just an awesome month. It marks a new life chapter on several fronts.

The opening story is on rejoining the marketplace after over sixteen years. This caps a three-year journey of multiple transitions. This new career transition is a big learning curve, which I am told will take 6 months or more. Work projects in June included a business trip to Vietnam. This was my first time in this nation. I have never seen so many motorbikes in my entire life. This trip also accorded a special opportunity to visit several old friends too.

The highlight for our family is our annual visit to Sabah. I was so glad to visit my parents and especially to spend Fathers Day here. Dad turns 78 this year. He gives quite a few mangoes among other gifts to bring back to Singapore. (Here's a pic of the mangoes in my parent's home.) It was also a blessing to spend time with my brother's family and my sister's family. The church in Kota Kinabalu took the opportunity to get me to address church members on CATALYSE.

Another high point in June was handing in my 70-page thesis on Global Churches. This month-end submission effectively concluded the MA requirements, bringing my three-year academic journey to a sweet conclusion.