Monday, February 28, 2011

Feb 1st in 2011

Never did I imagine what a day this would turn out to be. It starts when our family pray in the car on the way to school. We pray for this first day of February and for the next two years ahead.

The day goes by and is turning out to be a normal Tuesday. In the afternoon my friend Tiong Howe calls. He had already asked to have dinner last week. So I think this call is a reminder about dinner (tonight). Instead he asks if I want to have coffee. I said, "Sure" thinking that perhaps he is busy tonight and has decided to have coffee instead of dinner.

In the next breath he says that we are going to have coffee with Ravi Zacharias. What a surprise.

I travel to the airport and call Tiong Howe. We meet up and the three of us have coffee together. Ravi and Tiong Howe know each other well and I know Tiong Howe fairly well. But this is my first time up close and personal with Ravi. He is such a gentleman and a Godly one too.

Later we send off Ravi to catch his flight. Now Tiong Howe persuades me for an early dinner since we had already set aside the time. We catch up over a meal. After dinner he insists that he needs new bibles. So we go to the Faithworks bookstore. Here he picks up new Bibles including for Dinah and I too. This friend is sure full of surprises. But what a day this has been.