Saturday, May 31, 2014

A developing story

May weather is my least favourite. But I'm thankful for the intermittent rain to cool the scorching heat and incessant humidity. Overall, May has been a month of two parts.

The first part was a time of waiting. Dinah and I have been praying intensely since November. Just like over 3 years ago, I was convicted to wait and not apply for positions. In waiting, it was becoming clear to focus on wholeness. And I got a download to help build spiritually and sexually whole people and families.

I have always desired to mentor and to pioneer. And trans-local ministry has been in my heart for years. Trans-local ministry is to minister across congregational, denominational and 'secular'-sacred boundaries as part of the Kingdom mandate. This call meant that I began to decline church offers coming in. Trans-local ministries also began approaching. So I asked myself - Do I start a new platform or plug in to an existing one to leverage start-up time...

Several things did continue throughout the month. Our family discussed and prayed over my next season. Weekend jogs continued. Dinah and Deb ran at the Sundown Marathon. We celebrated Eat With Your Family day, Mothers Day dinner with Dinah then with Dinah's mom. We were interviewed on the Between Us radio programme on 938LIVE. And I watched highlights of Arsenal's FA cup victory more than once.

There were some great moments with friends. There was the lunch with Jason and Leslie, and with Kevin. Edwin and Rosie had us over for dinner. Alan and Natasha also had us over for dinner. Dinah and I enjoyed times with Joshua and Claramae, and with our old friend Quan too.

Ministry also continued throughout May. We stepped up preparations for HARVEST NAAC 2014. Dinah and I volunteered at Liberty League, a community service organisation. We ministered at Grace Baptist church. There was one weekend where Dinah spoke at Wesley Methodist as I spoke at KCC. I ministered at KCC's inaugural ministry team gathering and also spoke at Life United church.

The other part of May was pretty exciting. It began with signing on the dotted line with Focus on the Family Singapore. The arrangement is that I would continue ministry with HIM. This effectively starts a new chapter. There remains uncertainty and challenges. But will take it one step at a time. So I humbly ask for you to uphold us in your prayers. 

This is a developing story.