Sunday, December 19, 2010


I still remember the day when my wife and I moved here in January 1991 from Perth. Our church started the following month. Time sure flies. We have already served for almost 20 years and I have served 15 years of that time on our staff team.

Then it has been almost two years that Dinah and I have spent seeking God. Our attitude is to be open to what God is saying, including through those around and those over me in the Lord.

The Lord has been faithful. Here is a recent encounter. Dinah and I just visited our Silicon Valley care group. There we spent time with Tom Lam. Among other things, we asked about how he coped with relocation and transition. He shared that a sermon "In Between Times" spoke to him whilst he was in Singapore.

Curious, I came back and discovered that this was a 2003 sermon based on Acts 18:18-23. The definition alone was quite encouraging. "In between moments are: a) Irregular times when we are caught unawares, b) After endings and before new beginnings and when c) Life is on hold." That sermon in its entirety spoke to me too. Thanks Tom : )

One of several questions that I have been asked a lot during this season is: "What have you been up to?". Well, in the year 2010 I have focused on three main areas. Let me share them in turn here...

1. Regional Ministry
Dinah and I are responsible for HIM region of North America and we make regular ministry trips to our churches there. We are thankful that our twins are understanding of ministry travel and Dinah's sister has been available to take care of them whilst we are away. And there's Simon who has been so helpful with trip logistics.
We are also very glad to be involved with the Canada missions and US missions teams in Hope Singapore.

2. Seminary Studies
Currently I am working on the final Masters subject which is a thesis. Jiadai from our uni service has been a big help with borrowing reference books.
I am so glad that the lectures, assignments and exams phase is over. Pastor Jo has been a big help as exam invigilator. Cara, Kam and James has helped too while Dinah has helped with vetting assignments.

3. Strategic Planning
Dinah and I are part of the HIM Strategic Planning Team. Our team of six is charged with developing the first-ever global master-plan for HIM. With our movement now in 41 countries, guiding this process has been quite exciting. I am thankful to Adeline for her help when we first started out. You can get updates on this 2011-2015 strategic plan at

In closing, this season has been quite a journey. This has been one of the longest transitions for me and my family. Being neither here nor there has been very unsettling. We thank God for the precious friends He provides in our lives who support us as we face the stress and psychological adjustments that uncertainty brings. But I know in my heart that this season will prepare us for what is ahead.

In this season, let me also wish you and your family a Merry Christmas.