Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Eventful but in a scorching way

    October was very eventful. We celebrated birthdays for Dinah, the twins and Lawrence over 3 days. It was a joy catching up with Lawrence, Pat and Jono from Perth. My brother Stan and family were also here. Its always good to have family around. Then Nic was also in town. Oh yes, the O-level exams started before the twins' birthday.

 There were special times of ministry too. My son and I volunteered for Focus on the Family. Dinah and I served in marriage mentoring. We also volunteered at the night study programme at the school. Then it was special to minister at VFC Sembawang. And the atmosphere was just amazing at at the Hymn and Praise service at TSS.  
    We had good times with Paul and Cherline, Yeen Fun, Danny and Hazel, and Matthew Ling. And Wee Leng and Wan Phing had us over for a home-cooked dinner. Baby Celeste is so charming,
   Oct was eventful but in a scorching way. Had a sore throat incident in a hot, humid and glaring month. Only 4 rainy days the whole month. How I long for the cooler days in Nov.