Saturday, January 19, 2008

My 1st conference in 2008

On Sunday afternoon Dinah and the twins send me off at HarbourFront. I get on the luxury coach to KL for the first time. The ride is smooth and comfortable. It takes us under 5 hours to reach Sunway Pyramid mall. Here is a photo of this large mall. An old friend Huo Yu picks me up at 11:30 pm. She takes me to the hotel where I check in. My room mate Prakich is already there.

We spend Monday in planning meetings. The leaders conference is from Tuesday to Thursday. I do a workshop. Here is a photo of my room mate and our German friends from Stuttgart. We know Steffen well because he spent time in Singapore. He is the guy on the right. Willie takes this photo for us.

One of the cool things is to catch up with old friends. Here is a photo of university buddies. Charmaine (left), Arlene (right) and I did Accounting at university in Perth. We have a great time catching up at this pool side dinner. We say we must have a reunion. I think we have said that before.

I take the Friday morning flight home. Micaiah drives the Okumuras, Masami and I to the airport. He told me he spent 3 years in our church in Singapore. He said the defining moment was his water baptism in Singapore. He remembers Pastor Lawrence baptising him. He is now a Unit Leader in Hope PJ. Masami is an old friend. I first met her in Hope Seattle in 1998. The Okumuras spent 3 months in our church some years back. This is a photo taken by a police officer at the KL International Airport.

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