Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Looked like the Danube

Like many guys who have reached shaving-age, I've cut myself shaving on more occasion than I would like to admit. Today I topped that. I cut myself showering... during my regular morning shower.
Today was not unlike other days. I was showering. I was squeezing the bottle of liquid soap. After a few squeezes, the soap bottle somehow flew out of my hand and into my face. Boing!!
Like a man, I continued lathering after keeping the bottle. The water felt good. Then I began to smell fresh blood. Perhaps I scratched my scalp, I thought.
My lathering continued. The smell of blood persisted. I had to look from the corner of my eye into my face. It was then that I saw redness flowing down my face. It looked like a mini-version of the Danube images I've seen on the news. In an instant I jumped out of the shower to inspect the mirror. My nose was bleeding. I looked closer and saw it... a gash on the ridge of my nose.
No choice. Had to dry myself, leave the bathroom and get a plaster to put over the wound. This should do! This I did this and then continued showering.
Just as I finished showering, I was sure there was someone at the door. There was. I open the door and there was our new part-time cleaner. She sees me in a towel with a plaster across my nose. I welcome her in hoping she will not choke. Then I call Dinah.
Today is also my beloved's birthday. So far, the day is turning out to be quite a day : )