Monday, January 07, 2008

First Weekend in 2008

It's the first weekend of the year. It starts with Saturday in the church office. Cara is on duty today. Dinah is around. I'm finalising a challenging passage to preach tomorrow.

Guess who we bump into? Six leaders from our Mandarin service are having a full day meeting here. The junior photographer in the family (spell 'Daniel') helps us takes a photo. Dinah was here earlier but left before this photo. We catch up with these wonderful people and then we leave them to get on with what they need to do.

Dinah tells me that after lunch, a couple come to the office to spend some time with her.

Later the JEDI (Jesus Empowered Disciples International) group of comes. This overseas returnees ministry was started about 5 years ago. The ministry reaches Singaporeans who return from overseas studies and foreigners who studied abroad and start working here. Today they have a leadership session here with 2 Indonesians, 3 Malaysians & 4 Singaporeans. Dinah and I spend some time with this group. Cara takes this photo for us. It's a full Saturday here at the office.

The first Sunday of the year is also a cool day. Addy tells me backstage that our church's Hope Premier League starts this evening. I told him, "Play well." Then I do two sermons and rest a little as Dinah spring cleans. Lawrence sends me a SMS that the first soccer game ends with a 4-1 score line. That's a feast of goals. In the evening our household goal of spring cleaning is done. We rest, bidding goodbye to the first weekend in 2008.

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Hi Pastor

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