Thursday, October 31, 2013


Oct is when 3/4 of our household celebrate birthdays. We took Dinah out to choose the model of the gift we planned. Dinah and I took the twins out to select their gift items. We enjoyed special family dinners. I took Dinah out to the restaurant of her choice. On the eve of the twin's birthday, Dinah and I prayed over them. Then Jan took us out to dinner. On the day itself, Dinah and I went to campus to have lunch with them. That night Charmaine took us all out to dinner.
Celebrations continued... Our family spent a wonderful evening with Leslie celebrating his birthday. It was an extended evening together and a memorable one. 
Ministry-wise, Dinah and I ministered at the leadership training at St Johns-St Margaret's church. We coached leaders from a newer church. And for the first time, we visited a house church here in Singapore. Then I spent time mentoring individuals.
Weather-wise, it was glaring and hot. Then days became cloudy but humid. Late Oct featured warm mornings, 10-minutes of afternoon rain and humid evenings. I rejoiced over the few cool days hoping for more.