Thursday, January 03, 2008

Crossing Over

Here's the story of crossing over to 2008. We do year-end break spring cleaning. We haven't done so for 2 years. So there's quite a few bags for the Salvation Army and for the chute. The cool weather is nice for consolidating, cleaning and clearing. In between we have get-togethers. There is Teck Keong and Siew Yee's wedding on Saturday. It is very meaningful to be here.

On Sunday after our evening service, our family join the year-end thanksgiving dinner at the Singapore Centre for Evangelism and Missions (SCEM). Up to this point I just know the board members & staff as we serve together. This dinner is the first time when we meet everyone's spouses and children all at one time. Chris, Fang and their family are the lovely hosts. We all have a great time Sunday evening together.

We spend New Year's eve with old friends. Quan, Imy, little Sarah and baby Ethan are from Dallas but Quan is currently working in KL. The family spend their year-end break in Singapore. We said hello after Sunday morning service. Then we spend Monday afternoon together. Next is our family haircut appointment. Sadly we have to wait a long time at the hairdresser because of many party goers who want their hair done for New Year's Eve parties.

We spend the first day of 2008 celebrating Claudia's birthday. Her birthday
is actually before Christmas but Tuesday was the best time for all of us. We gather around Indian fusion food. It is so good to catch-up after being away and after the festivities. After lunch it is back to consolidating, clearing and cleaning. Our neighbour drop by in the evening. We spend the rest of the night is preparing for the first day of the school year and the first day of the ministry year. 2008 here we come...

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