Saturday, August 31, 2013

August adventures

  After a hectic July, I was looking forward to the 4-day weekend in August. It turned out to be a restful, family-oriented and surprising time. It started with bumping into Benaiah and Calyn on the eve of the holidays. Then we bumped into Karen and family, Siang Keng and Grace, and Desmond with family all on the first day. The next day was a get-together with Dinah's family. The third day was a reunion with primary school mates after 34 years. Here's a pic. Then we took Dinah's sister out for dinner on the final day.
  This change of pace was welcomed. Family wise, Dinah and Deb enjoyed the ST run at Punggol. On the same day, we had an amazing time of family prayer. August was also semester common test for the twins and when Dinah had a staff retreat.
  Ministry moments included mentoring, a family ministry talk, ministering at Zion Full Gospel church, and being part of a gender and sexuality ministry gathering. Then the Love Gone Wrong Made Right conference thanksgiving was quite special and so was our circle of friends gathering.
  Work wise, there were hectic days at the office. Weather wise, there were some cool days even one day with 10 minutes of rain but also hot and humid days.