Thursday, July 31, 2014


HARVEST: 2014 North America Annual Conference was the big date in our annual calendar. This year Dinah and I were in Seattle spending time with individuals before conference. Next we conducted a 2-day pastors retreat. Then it was ministering in the 4-day conference.  So glad to reunite with folks from Canada and US. And I shared that our relocation is off after trying 5 years. Managed to catch up with more people after conference. In total, 8 days in July went into HARVEST, excluding post-trip jet-lag.

Ministry included working on global polity and ministering with church leaders at a Methodist church. Then two friends approached at different times to talk about same-sex attraction issues.

Dinah and I celebrated our 22nd wedding anniversary. It was a memorable day... And our family finally watched Frozen after a 6-year old friend loaned us her DVD. Weekly family prayer and work-outs resumed after HARVEST. We made time to join the Burning Hearts conference as well as Tryphena's seminars in Singapore.

There was a pastor friend's surprise party which turned out to be a real surprise when the organisers realised they got the date wrong. It was also a surprise to bump into Sue-Ann and her kids two Saturdays in a row. My circle of friends got to visit Kok Hiang and the new CRU office. 

Work wise, we were back in the office the day after arriving from Seattle. Had to organise an important event for church leaders. And then work on follow-through into August.