Tuesday, July 31, 2012

July this year

July was full. Need I mention that it was hot and humid? And there was much travelling too.
Dinah and I ministered in Seattle. The NA Annual Conference in Seattle featured many firsts. Most of all, it surpassed our expectations :) Our folks tell us that this the best one so far.
We were glad to spend some quality time with our NA leaders before conference and with our Seattle leaders after conference.
Here are 2 Seattle pics. The first is with Eric from Montreal, and SL and Sharon from Calgary. The second is with John and Monette from Altanta.
Shortly after returning, Marcus came to to Singapore. Those days were well spent with our German friend. Marcus, Dinah and I would catchup late into the night.
Much of July was spent developing a new training course. This 3-day course for new first-line managers in Malaysia and Vietnam, was to start on Aug 1. Tough to develop from scratch but I've learnt a lot. I flew out on the last day of July to go conduct this course.