Monday, April 30, 2012

April already

   April starts with Passion week. This year, I speak at a bi-lingual Good Friday service and at an Easter Sunday service in English.
   A second highlight is George inviting us to the FourSquare Singapore leaders' meeting with Glenn Burris, and Jim and Melinda Scott. It was a blessing to learn from and to meet such Godly people.
    It was also fun to join Robert's 64th birthday celebration. The poolside barbeque party was pretty cool. Not long after, we joined the tenth anniversary celebration of Focus on the Family Singapore. I even learned about fostering kids in Singapore.
   Another highlight was family worship and prayer times at our home. Dinah, the twins and I hope to grow deeper in this.
  The last five days of the month happened in Quebec. Dinah and I travel a long way to visit our French-Canadian friends. We were mostly in the south-side of Montreal in Chambly with this pioneer group. Catching up with the individuals is worthwhile. We also lay hands on Eric. And Luc took a pic of Eric and I. We also visit some of Eric's contacts in the Gaspe peninsula.
   April has been a fruitful month indeed. No complaints about the weather. Though warm most mornings, the days became cloudy and cool in the afternoon.