Sunday, June 30, 2013

From Lucerne to Heat, Humidity & Haze

The 3 days in Lucerne was amazing. I was there with a US colleague for business meetings. The city and surroundings was so beautiful and pristine. Our colleague drove us to the base of the Pilatus mountain. The company president took us around town. We got Swiss chocolates as gifts. Next up was one day of meetings in London. Then I stayed an extra day with Harry and Wendy. Harry took us to have Sri Lankan food. Next day he cooked breakfast before I flew off. This trip was certainly worth the jetlag.

On Fathers' Day, Dinah and the twins took me out to a nice lunch. Janet prepared a special dinner too. This month saw many get-togethers. Swee Tin hosted our bunch of friends for Teochew porridge. Melvyn hosted this round of pastors’ breakfast. Nam Seng and Sok Mian hosted us to dinner. Also caught up with Wilson too.

Dinah and I were glad to speak at the inaugural Dads for Life workshops It was refreshing to spend a Sunday afternoon with Kong Hee. Then I prepared to help Jason's church in their change efforts. But most weeknights and weekends were spent preparing for BREAKTHROUGH coming up in Seattle and helping out the Love Gone Wrong Made Right conference scheduled for end-July.

Haze struck SG on the 13th June. This makes the heat and humidity more miserable. It was so bad on 20-21 June. Thankfully it improved from the 22nd onwards. We even had showers for 5 days from 26-30 June. Felt lethargic without swimming or jogging and was relieved to resume outdoor activities after 2 weeks. But Seattle will have nice air...