Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Quebec, Sabah & Singapore

December played out in 3 parts.

The first 10 days was all about ministry in Quebec. We reunited with our friend Eric for ministry but this time in winter. It was great to meet the new team in Montreal. This trip was both fruitful and freezing for Dinah and I. After this very cold climate in Canada, we spent 3 short days in Singapore re-acclimatising. I met Sebastian from Germany. During this time Dinah fell ill.

Then our family spent 10 days in Sabah. Dinah took this time to recuperate. My brother was back from UK so the whole family was together. Sabah was all about family. We conversed with dad, mom and my siblings. The family hung out together. It was very nice to enjoy home-cooked dishes that we grew up with (pic). I also caught up with childhood friends - Albert, Martin and Robert as well as an old friend from SG - Chiew Bong. Then I spoke at the Hope KK church too.

The last 8 days was Christmas and New Year in Singapore. There was Christmas celebrations with Dinah's extended family. Jan hosted a Christmas dinner. There was an extended evening with Charmaine and Li Chuang and then with Michael and Lean Choo. Jefferson dropped by. Li Chuang visited. Seng Hock called from Cambodia. I spoke at the SJSM church. And we spent 3 days spring cleaning. Needed to get our home more liveable now that we are staying.

Got no complaints about the weather. The 31 days in December were simply beautiful.