Monday, March 31, 2014

Testings & Transitions

The first days of March were about birthday celebrations. Jan cooked a special dinner. Dinah and the twins took me for a special lunch and to a special dinner. We caught a movie. Andy also took me out to lunch. Glen, Swee Tin, Paul and Andrew celebrated. Then I led the church to pray for Vincent on his birthday at their church service.

Dinah and I continued to ponder our future. Family prayers continued weekly. Our family took time to go out for a second movie date. And I also had a date with Dinah.

Rachel came to visit. Dinah and I caught up with Tor and Wanda from Norway. We joined wedding celebrations for Raphael and Shirley, and Wenjiang and Claramae. I caught up with Raphael, Justin, Jeffray and Darren. Also caught up with Kok Hiang, Boon Hup and Vincent, and with Robin, Melvyn and Eng Han.

Ministry wise, I was invited for a live interview at 938LIVE. Then I ministered at All Saints Presbyterian Church and got to know Leonard and Jennifer, Ronald and Ai Tee, Yew Huat and wife. I also ministered at at World Revival Prayer Fellowship and got to know Kenny, Jenny, Shaun and Kaye. We had meetings with the Canadian missions team and the Polity team. Then I volunteered at Focus on the Family.

Weather wise, it was warm, dry and humid. A nasal virus came uninvited, probably due to the haze too. So we were thankful for the rain in mid-month breaking the dry spell.

An intercessor wrote about the time we were all hoping for rain. The Lord had told this friend 1.5 years ago that we will not relocate and now was the time to reveal that to us. The intercessor wrote that the Lord was testing whether we were willing to sacrifice the Isaac in our life and that we both passed this very important test. Thus the passing of this major test marks the end of our 5-year transition.