Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Wrap Up

This is my final month in the business world. Colleagues called to say goodbye. On the last day, I sent a goodbye e-mail to all my co-workers. It's been an exciting 3-year adventure into the topsy and turvy world of the mobile industry. Now it's time to wrap up.

Good Friday was a public holiday here. Our family was able to spend some time out together... It was also a blessing to have an Upper Room experience at KCC with Noel Goh (see pic).

April featured a time of catch-ups. Lawrence, Pat and Jono stopped by SG. Caught up with Joshua, Charmaine, Yu Ming and Linda, Glen and Jean, Shih Ming and Wendy, Robin and Eileen. And I finally had a meal with Henson, Rick, Jan, Sarah, Ian and also a drink with Leo.

April also turned out to be fruitful for ministry. There was a MY trip for the regional pastors' advance. Dinah and I joined the new Life Network gathering. We also joined the SPPA symposium. We met Dr Melvin Wong. We conducted a marriage workshop for Zion Bishan B-P church. Then we helped out at the Liberty League's equipping on Male Intimacy. And I spoke at Elim church's Easter service and at Wesley Methodist church.