Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Quebec, Sabah & Singapore

December played out in 3 parts.

The first 10 days was all about ministry in Quebec. We reunited with our friend Eric for ministry but this time in winter. It was great to meet the new team in Montreal. This trip was both fruitful and freezing for Dinah and I. After this very cold climate in Canada, we spent 3 short days in Singapore re-acclimatising. I met Sebastian from Germany. During this time Dinah fell ill.

Then our family spent 10 days in Sabah. Dinah took this time to recuperate. My brother was back from UK so the whole family was together. Sabah was all about family. We conversed with dad, mom and my siblings. The family hung out together. It was very nice to enjoy home-cooked dishes that we grew up with (pic). I also caught up with childhood friends - Albert, Martin and Robert as well as an old friend from SG - Chiew Bong. Then I spoke at the Hope KK church too.

The last 8 days was Christmas and New Year in Singapore. There was Christmas celebrations with Dinah's extended family. Jan hosted a Christmas dinner. There was an extended evening with Charmaine and Li Chuang and then with Michael and Lean Choo. Jefferson dropped by. Li Chuang visited. Seng Hock called from Cambodia. I spoke at the SJSM church. And we spent 3 days spring cleaning. Needed to get our home more liveable now that we are staying.

Got no complaints about the weather. The 31 days in December were simply beautiful.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Change in the air

It was very special to have Stan and Samuel visit us. This was a very memorable evening. Here's a pic by Daniel.

In the month, Dinah and I got to know Richard, Silas and Mona from Shekinah AG church. We caught up with Simon Eng. There was a fun dinner with Yiu Wah, Yeow Chuan, wife, kids and Daryl, There was the extended evening with Tiong Howe. There was time with Henson and catch-up with Vincent and Jenny.

Otherwise, November felt very much like a month of preparation. There was planning and preparation including late nights and weekends for LEGACY, for Quebec and the upcoming wholeness conference.

Ministry wise, there was LEGACY. Dinah and I also ministered at the Faith AG church marital sexuality workshop. I spoke to AG ministers and at Shekinah AG church. I also spoke at KCC. Then I joined the Yale-NUS Christian Fellowship. There was a thank-you dinner for long-time church members. There was a conference call as well as mentoring.

Whilst jogging in the middle of the month, I felt the humidity retreating with a familiar incoming breeze. There is a temperature change in the air. Cooler season is coming. There were also a few afternoon showers during the month and a bit of nice weather at month-end. 

Friday, October 31, 2014


October is when three quarters of our household celebrate birthdays. The first celebration for Dinah was at the office. Different ones also took her out for lunch. Our family took Dinah to lunch and to dinner. Jan celebrated. Then Dinah and I took the twins out to lunch, for shopping and to dinner. Jan also celebrated. The care group surprised them. In between celebrations, we caught an awesome movie. At month-end, the twins went on live radio to share a teen perspective on parenting at 938LIVE.

Our buddies gathered and celebrated Dinah and Paul's birthdays. Our family caught up with Charmaine. And she sprang birthday gifts. Dinah and I celebrated Leslie’s birthday too. Stan, Norhaya and family had our family over for a meal. Calvin and Charis took us to dinner. Don and Su Ching hosted us at their place. I also caught up with Jason. Our family loved the WTA matches with Christian and Michael. 

Ministry wise, Dinah and I continued with marriage mentoring. We joined a session with Mark Sandford. We visited David and Alice's family ministry group. I had mentoring and also moderated at the Female Intimacy session There was the Global Polity meeting and ministering at Grace AG and SJSM. 

The hot days became hazy too (sigh). And I find myself thinking of year-end weather.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Pretty Intense

One big part of Sep was Mark Holmen's ministry trip. Dinah and I helped to host him at seminars, consultations and meetings. This 12-day visit took up much of the first half of the month. It was pretty intense. Then we helped host Michael Brown for a seminar during month-end.
In between the visits, it was a lot of catch up with work piled up during Mark's visit.  There was a visit to a support group. There was a NA conference call. There were mentoring sessions. I also spoke at Wesley.
Dinah and I did take time off to hang out with the twins. We managed some spring cleaning. Family prayer continued. Jogging and swimming continued too. The highlight was the Cavalia show, courtesy of the twins. My down side in Sep was the 2 days of broken sleep. Also had to fix one part of the car.
It was great to bump into Francis one morning. Then Betty cooked us dinner and Chin Sim hosted lunch. The Luns got us to celebrate the Maks birthday birthday together. There was a great time with Alan and Jason. And we hosted dinner for Evelyn and Benni.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

A Spike

August saw a sudden spike in ministry and meetings.

Our family volunteered at Liberty League's Lasting Lessons. Dinah and I had marriage mentoring and Dinah and I spoke for Focus at Pasir Panjang Methodist and at Prinsep Street Presbyterian. Then I spoke at at New Horizon and to a team at Wesley Methodist. It was fun to be part of the forum panel at the quarterly Baptist Convention Pillars of Leadership (pic).
I had mentoring sessions. 

There were conference calls with NA leaders and with the Global Polity team. Then there was an endless stream of internal meetings as well external work meetings. Hope its a once-off. Or maybe the work is picking up. 

One memorable meal was catching up with long-lost friends at Christina's place. Another was catching up with Gift after years. Henson's launch of Archippus Awakening was special. Thankful for special times with Andy, with Paul, with Charmaine and with Joy. Here we come September...

Thursday, July 31, 2014


HARVEST: 2014 North America Annual Conference was the big date in our annual calendar. This year Dinah and I were in Seattle spending time with individuals before conference. Next we conducted a 2-day pastors retreat. Then it was ministering in the 4-day conference.  So glad to reunite with folks from Canada and US. And I shared that our relocation is off after trying 5 years. Managed to catch up with more people after conference. In total, 8 days in July went into HARVEST, excluding post-trip jet-lag.

Ministry included working on global polity and ministering with church leaders at a Methodist church. Then two friends approached at different times to talk about same-sex attraction issues.

Dinah and I celebrated our 22nd wedding anniversary. It was a memorable day... And our family finally watched Frozen after a 6-year old friend loaned us her DVD. Weekly family prayer and work-outs resumed after HARVEST. We made time to join the Burning Hearts conference as well as Tryphena's seminars in Singapore.

There was a pastor friend's surprise party which turned out to be a real surprise when the organisers realised they got the date wrong. It was also a surprise to bump into Sue-Ann and her kids two Saturdays in a row. My circle of friends got to visit Kok Hiang and the new CRU office. 

Work wise, we were back in the office the day after arriving from Seattle. Had to organise an important event for church leaders. And then work on follow-through into August. 

Monday, June 30, 2014

New Season

Dinah and the twins took me out on Father's Day to celebrate. Another family highlight was time at a camp with Eddie Ma. There was also a memorable dinner with Paul.

Dinah and I met Benjamin and Ailene. We finally caught up with Wee Leng and Wan Phing. Kenny connected Tony Siew and I. Then I met Hon. And it was good to catch up with Edmond.

The adventure in Focus continued. There were
so many meetings. There was time for existing ministry. Dinah and I hosted an amazing session on marital sexuality. There was a global polity meeting. I spoke at Life United. Got to know Darren, Angela, Phoebe, Victoria, Emily and Chau. I continued with mentoring.
Much of June evenings and weekends were spent preparing for HARVEST. There were Skype calls, message preparation, packing and praying. Dinah and I flew off on Jun 29 via Taipei. There was time to connect with Seattle folks before HARVEST and prepare for the retreat and conference.

Saturday, May 31, 2014

A developing story

May weather is my least favourite. But I'm thankful for the intermittent rain to cool the scorching heat and incessant humidity. Overall, May has been a month of two parts.

The first part was a time of waiting. Dinah and I have been praying intensely since November. Just like over 3 years ago, I was convicted to wait and not apply for positions. In waiting, it was becoming clear to focus on wholeness. And I got a download to help build spiritually and sexually whole people and families.

I have always desired to mentor and to pioneer. And trans-local ministry has been in my heart for years. Trans-local ministry is to minister across congregational, denominational and 'secular'-sacred boundaries as part of the Kingdom mandate. This call meant that I began to decline church offers coming in. Trans-local ministries also began approaching. So I asked myself - Do I start a new platform or plug in to an existing one to leverage start-up time...

Several things did continue throughout the month. Our family discussed and prayed over my next season. Weekend jogs continued. Dinah and Deb ran at the Sundown Marathon. We celebrated Eat With Your Family day, Mothers Day dinner with Dinah then with Dinah's mom. We were interviewed on the Between Us radio programme on 938LIVE. And I watched highlights of Arsenal's FA cup victory more than once.

There were some great moments with friends. There was the lunch with Jason and Leslie, and with Kevin. Edwin and Rosie had us over for dinner. Alan and Natasha also had us over for dinner. Dinah and I enjoyed times with Joshua and Claramae, and with our old friend Quan too.

Ministry also continued throughout May. We stepped up preparations for HARVEST NAAC 2014. Dinah and I volunteered at Liberty League, a community service organisation. We ministered at Grace Baptist church. There was one weekend where Dinah spoke at Wesley Methodist as I spoke at KCC. I ministered at KCC's inaugural ministry team gathering and also spoke at Life United church.

The other part of May was pretty exciting. It began with signing on the dotted line with Focus on the Family Singapore. The arrangement is that I would continue ministry with HIM. This effectively starts a new chapter. There remains uncertainty and challenges. But will take it one step at a time. So I humbly ask for you to uphold us in your prayers. 

This is a developing story.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Wrap Up

This is my final month in the business world. Colleagues called to say goodbye. On the last day, I sent a goodbye e-mail to all my co-workers. It's been an exciting 3-year adventure into the topsy and turvy world of the mobile industry. Now it's time to wrap up.

Good Friday was a public holiday here. Our family was able to spend some time out together... It was also a blessing to have an Upper Room experience at KCC with Noel Goh (see pic).

April featured a time of catch-ups. Lawrence, Pat and Jono stopped by SG. Caught up with Joshua, Charmaine, Yu Ming and Linda, Glen and Jean, Shih Ming and Wendy, Robin and Eileen. And I finally had a meal with Henson, Rick, Jan, Sarah, Ian and also a drink with Leo.

April also turned out to be fruitful for ministry. There was a MY trip for the regional pastors' advance. Dinah and I joined the new Life Network gathering. We also joined the SPPA symposium. We met Dr Melvin Wong. We conducted a marriage workshop for Zion Bishan B-P church. Then we helped out at the Liberty League's equipping on Male Intimacy. And I spoke at Elim church's Easter service and at Wesley Methodist church. 

Monday, March 31, 2014

Testings & Transitions

The first days of March were about birthday celebrations. Jan cooked a special dinner. Dinah and the twins took me for a special lunch and to a special dinner. We caught a movie. Andy also took me out to lunch. Glen, Swee Tin, Paul and Andrew celebrated. Then I led the church to pray for Vincent on his birthday at their church service.

Dinah and I continued to ponder our future. Family prayers continued weekly. Our family took time to go out for a second movie date. And I also had a date with Dinah.

Rachel came to visit. Dinah and I caught up with Tor and Wanda from Norway. We joined wedding celebrations for Raphael and Shirley, and Wenjiang and Claramae. I caught up with Raphael, Justin, Jeffray and Darren. Also caught up with Kok Hiang, Boon Hup and Vincent, and with Robin, Melvyn and Eng Han.

Ministry wise, I was invited for a live interview at 938LIVE. Then I ministered at All Saints Presbyterian Church and got to know Leonard and Jennifer, Ronald and Ai Tee, Yew Huat and wife. I also ministered at at World Revival Prayer Fellowship and got to know Kenny, Jenny, Shaun and Kaye. We had meetings with the Canadian missions team and the Polity team. Then I volunteered at Focus on the Family.

Weather wise, it was warm, dry and humid. A nasal virus came uninvited, probably due to the haze too. So we were thankful for the rain in mid-month breaking the dry spell.

An intercessor wrote about the time we were all hoping for rain. The Lord had told this friend 1.5 years ago that we will not relocate and now was the time to reveal that to us. The intercessor wrote that the Lord was testing whether we were willing to sacrifice the Isaac in our life and that we both passed this very important test. Thus the passing of this major test marks the end of our 5-year transition.

Friday, February 28, 2014

An Overture

Dinah and I have prayed over Isaiah 30:21 every night since Nov. We re-read prophecies received in the last 5 years. Then on Feb 7th, a visiting minister prophesied that I will speak to pastors and ministers... around the Singapore coastlines and that the islands will sing praises unto the Lord. Just 2 weeks later, Genesis 22 spoke to me about Abraham walking in faith to step out. He then obeyed to sacrifice Isaac. God was pleased... and stopped him. At about this time, a dear friend wrote to say that there is no conviction that we will relocate. Another dear friend said that the Lord wanted us to take a step of faith to expand and learn new things rather than actually relocating. Okay...

The Lunar New Year holidays was a good time to ponder and process the downloads. There was rest and relaxation. There was also a chance to visit Garrick and Magdalene, Aiilena where we caught up with Anne and Wendy, and have Jeff and Esther visit us.

Our weekly family prayer continued. We shared and then prayed over the big issues. On Valentine's Day, we had dinner out and talked to the twins about our romances during our younger days. This was quite fun. The weekly swim and jog also continued.

It was special to catch up with Chan Pong and Christin after 24 years. It was good getting to know Darren, Robin, Timothy and Eng Han. We enjoyed catching up with Wilson and Suzanne, Nam Seng and Sok Mian, and Vincent and Jenny. Then Charmaine took our family out for my early birthday treat.

Ministry wise, we joined a gathering of start-up churches. Later Dinah and I spoke to marriage mentors. It was special to speak at the Lasting Lessons equipping series. Then I was part of a new church+marketplace prayer initiative. There were several ministry meetings too but the memorable one was the one with Greg, Alan, Joshua, Mohan and Leslie. Here's a pic. We started with dinner and intros. We opened our hearts. We talked ministry. We prayed out in the open at Raffles Place, till late. What an evening!

Weather wise, the dry spell continued with no rain. Initially mornings were slightly cool. Then it warmed up. Days became warm but cloudy. By mid-month it was mainly warm and humid. Sigh.

Work wise, the IT business decided at end-Feb not to relocate me to North America. And I was actually prepared for this news. That early-Feb prophecy and various sensing and words prepared my heart. So this near 5-year transition process is an overture to something else. Praying that things will be clearer soon...

Friday, January 31, 2014


I pondered a lot over January. Then a dear friend called and spoke of this same matter. Some time later another friend said the very same thing over lunch. Now I am like: "So this is what you are saying Lord."

During the month of pondering, there were ministry moments too. There were a series of meetings in Kuching. It was good to catch up with friends here. I also needed to teach one session on crises leadership. Besides the trip, there was much to be done on the CATALYSE polity team. And there was a devotion and mentoring.

The weather was nice and cool. It was enjoyable to work from home. Work wise, I prepared to enter a new role.

There were fond memories on spending part of Jan 1 in Sabah. Our family got back to SG on the first day of 2014 and had a time of prayer. The month ended with Lunar New Year celebrations. Jan 30 was reunion dinner with Dinah's family. Jan 31 was spent with Dinah's mom. So thankful for this spate of holidays, time with family and friends, and the nice weather.