Tuesday, July 26, 2011

July Adventures

Towards the middle of the month, we got to meet Dr Wei-Jen Huang. I was aware that Dr. Huang is a clinical psychologist and a faculty member at Northwestern Uni. School of Medicine. Only later did I realise from Dinah that he is actually well-known especially in China, Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia for his work on couples’ therapy and relationship education... The three of us did discover a mutual fondness - for xiao long bao. It was a blessing getting to know this learned man of God over dinner.

The low point of the month must have been the sore throat in the second week and then the ulcer in the throat in the fourth week. I hardly get sick so being unwell twice in a month was quite sad... Continuing from May and June, the month of July felt exceptionally hot and humid.

One good thing about the hot and humid season of the year is jumping into the pool. Then this is also durian season with cheap durians. Sadly, the unwell throat restricted both swimming and durians. But I did get a good sweat this season (and in the process discharge toxins). The other good thing is that this will be the last of the hot and humid months. This only means cooler months up ahead...