Sunday, August 31, 2014

A Spike

August saw a sudden spike in ministry and meetings.

Our family volunteered at Liberty League's Lasting Lessons. Dinah and I had marriage mentoring and Dinah and I spoke for Focus at Pasir Panjang Methodist and at Prinsep Street Presbyterian. Then I spoke at at New Horizon and to a team at Wesley Methodist. It was fun to be part of the forum panel at the quarterly Baptist Convention Pillars of Leadership (pic).
I had mentoring sessions. 

There were conference calls with NA leaders and with the Global Polity team. Then there was an endless stream of internal meetings as well external work meetings. Hope its a once-off. Or maybe the work is picking up. 

One memorable meal was catching up with long-lost friends at Christina's place. Another was catching up with Gift after years. Henson's launch of Archippus Awakening was special. Thankful for special times with Andy, with Paul, with Charmaine and with Joy. Here we come September...