Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Berachah & Bellevue

After arriving in Seattle, we have regional meetings on Wed night to Thu evening. The camp at Berachah in Auburn starts Thu night and I preach. Its an unusual cloudy summer with rain & temperatures between 12-21 degrees.

Camp worship includes the use of a harp. Fri sees sports in the afternoon. Here are key results: Soccer (M) - NA pastors 1 - 1 International pastors. Captain ball (F) - Members 6 - 1 Leaders. Captain ball (M) - NA pastors 6 - 5 International pastors. Then we sit on grass, rest and chat. After shower, I feel the aches.

Camp has 150 people. There is experiential learning on Saturday. Its loads of fun. This is followed by water baptism at the heated pool. Our camp ends with lunch on Sunday. There is a massive tear-down and long good byes.

Our NA Pastors' Retreat goes from 3 pm to 1 am at Berachah. On Mon we drive to have brunch at Top Gun in Bellevue. Folks begin to leave, we adjourn to Vern's place in Bellevue. We talk with David and Ann till 3 pm, then David, Malay, Moses & I take a walk as Dinah catches up with Warinda. Finally Warinda drives home at 8 pm, David and Malay leaves at 11 pm, then Dinah and I speak with Vern and Eureka till 1 am.

Its raining and its 21 degrees on Tue morning. This is a real cool summer. Dinah and I chat with Eureka over breakfast. My wife has to get luggage today. We get a call. David and Malay missed their flight. They will stay with us tonight. I suspect they are quite happy about this too.

It's time for a personal disclosure. I'm into extreme sports - I'm an extreme traveler. My travel luggages have been damaged, misplaced and spotted. My wife has bought so many check-in luggages. We've learnt that carry-on luggages are not so critical. We've helped the luggage industry. So invest in stocks that do luggage manufacturing.

Dinah and I enjoy this breakfast with Eureka. Then its off to go the mall to get luggage. Afterwards Dinah and I have lunch with Eureka and Connie. Then I catch up on e-mails. Next Dinah and I go out with JR, Warinda & Jada for dinner. Then Dinah and I talk church with Lan, William then Eureka and Malay till 1 am.

Wed morning breakfast is with Dinah. We talk with Ian and Daisy from Melbourne. Next is extended lunch with Dan & Dee. We come back and I speak with Bill in Virginia then David in Portland. Then we join special service in Hope Seattle where I preach and we pray for people. Then we visit the children's hospital to pray for Jada who is being treated for breathing difficulties. Then Tab brings us back and I get dinner. We talk to Vern, Eureka, Ian and Daisy till 1 am.


Anonymous said...

Dear Ps Ben & Dinah,

sending some prayers and heartfelt wishes your way :) Thank God for the both of you setting such great examples in serving God around the world!


Anonymous said...

To my favorite couple from Singapore,

Thank you for all your labors of love throughout this summer and beyond. You both have exceeded your duty to the churches here and yet still give us so much time and care. Nothing you do is in vein. Thank you for giving me guidance and support during the really tough times.
God bless you, Daniel and Deborah


Anonymous said...

Hi Pastor Ben!
I miss you guys already :]
Thank you for coming again and hope to see you guys soon. It's such a blessing to meet up with you guys. Thanks for giving up time to come over :D

Many Thanks again and again...
God Bless,

Unknown said...

wow everyone leaves a comment for the super model!!! i mean role model! Just wanted to tap in as well.."thank you for giving to the Lord..I am a life that was changed..."because of you and pas. dinah's example on how we can be good stewards to God. BTW..i'm still singing that tune and annie and I will soon invest in Samsonite =D