Monday, August 06, 2007

Last Day in Santiago

It is 1 degree cold today. Despite this, 15 local people come for our self-management seminar. Five are first timers. They all give good feedback. We enjoy hot tea after the seminar.
As I pack, Cindy offers to wrap my gifts. The team presents gifts to Dinah & I. I shower before my long flight to LA, Tokyo then Singapore.
We have a long dinner at the airport. The team asks for feedback and for advice. In between David and I walk over to check in. Thankfully my bag is checked to Singapore direct though I will take different airlines home. We rejoin the dinner table. Pui See asks for prayer. Its time to say good byes and go in.
The flight leaves at 10:55pm for LA. As the plane takes off I thank God because we have such good people in South America.

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