Monday, August 13, 2007

Portland Commissioning

Dinah and I fly off on Friday and arrive in LA on Friday night to sleepover at the airport hotel. We check out and Lee takes us for lunch on Sat then we check in for our flight. We arrive Portland on Sat night quite jetlagged.

There are 13 adults and 6 kids excluding us at the worship service. There are 2 first time visitors from another church. David leads worship, I preach then Dinah and I commission David and Ann as the new coordinator of Hope Portland church.

After lunch with church folks, David suggest we visit PSU. The view as we drive through Portland city is breathtaking. The Willamette River separates the river into East and West. Our church service is currently in the south east part of the city. The north east section is a red light area.

After this, we drive home and talk about the strategy to reach Oregon. There are 7 counties in Oregon. We go out for dinner. After dinner we continue to talk till midnight.

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