Sunday, August 05, 2007

Mendoza not Santiago

Our flight is meant to arrive 5 am Sunday. Then we are supposed to join a local church service. Ee Lee & Cindy were at airport at 5 am. But Santiago airport was closed to aircraft due to heavy fog. Our plane was diverted to the closest airport. This is my first time in Argentina. I don't even have a visa! After touching down for 15 min, the captain announced we have to wait 1 more hour because Mendoza airport services are not open yet. I spend 4 hours on transit. It's a small airport and we could have walked out and no one would have known. It's also cold.
We arrive in Santiago 7 hours later. David is present and he tells me the girls waited from 5 right up to 9 am. Now it is 7 degrees C. He says this is the coldest winter in 70 years. He's also coughing. The airport taxi brings us to their apartment in the city. Pui See comes out after having quiet time in the waiting room. Later Ee Lee and Cindy join us. We catch up and then go for a late lunch at the Central Market. It's very cold and my tired body is adjusting. We walk into the Cathedral of Santiago briefly. I am very tired walking in the cold. We join the evening service of Tempo de Dios church (Church of God’s Time).
Finally we get home to rest and I shower. I hear stray cats meowing in the cold. We catch up further and spring a surprise birthday for Ee Lee. I bring out her birthday gifts from Singapore.

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