Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Springfield Visit

Ann drives Dinah, baby Faith and I to the airport on Mon morn. I fly to the Denver airport. Pastor Simon arrives & we fly to Springfield in Missouri. Its both our first time to Springfield.

We arrive in the small town of Springfield. Its 37 degrees. Somehow a lady & I miss our luggage. And the United Airlines counter is closed. Thankfully two United staff just fly in from Chicago and help us. They locate our luggage in the airline office.

Relieved, Simon and I have dinner at the only restaurant in the airport which closes at 7:30 pm. Our hotel has no restaurant. We call the hotel for the car to our hotel. The driver tells us this town has 153,000 people. We check in and Robert at the front office says he remembers Limei calling him.

We settle down and shower. The TV forecast for tomorrow is 38 C with a "Heat Warning". We reply e-mails and plan for tomorrow. Dinah and I communicate on Skype. She just finished meeting Portland church team - David, Ann, Preaw, Chris, Davene, Autumn and Lekorn. David's sister Iris join in too.

It's Tuesday. Simon and I have breakfast at the hotel. We get on a taxi to US Assembly of God Headquarters downtown. We spend the morning with Cary Tidwell (Administrator World Missions) & Russ Turney (Asia Pac Director). We get lunch & check out the Gospel Publishing House bookstore. We join the AG HQ tour with three other persons. Two are AG pastors from Chesapeake, Virginia. One was a AG HQ staff on her day off.

Later we buy gifts at the Battlefield Mall, the largest mall in town. We grab dinnner here and go back to the hotel. Simon and I evaluate our day. Then I think of my wife at the PSU care group. Then we pack. This is quite a short visit.

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