Monday, August 06, 2007

Friday in Santiago

It is 3 degrees cold today. I start the day on Skype with Dinah and the twins. Today my notebook computer isn't working properly. It's only 8.5 months old and the battery has conked out. It must be the cold? I discover later that the warranty for the battery is only for 6 months.
Next is breakfast with Ee Lee. She briefs me on the people coming for tonight's service. Then I try to do e-check in for tomorrow's flight. But I have to resort to the phone. Apparently all I can do on this leg is to book my seat. We have a quick takeaway lunch. I answer emails then start packing. We take an early dinner.
For our Fri night service, we have 12 local adults & 1 child joining. There is a first-time commitment to Christ, a healing and re-commitments to Christ. We have a short evaluation afterwards.

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