Wednesday, July 20, 2005

These Past Few Days

Sunday, 17th July was a full day. There was preaching in the morning and it was gratifying to see three new persons coming to faith . This was quickly followed by 3 back-to-back campaign launches. Then the campaign planning team had an evaluation after the third launch. Our family and I were supposed to swim in the evening. We hadn't swam since Tuesday thanks to the rain. But we were so flat out that we just went home and crashed.

After shower and dinner, we felt refreshed. Then I saw members and one pre-believer responding to my blog. The responses grew as I read at different points in the night. People are actually reading it! It's great to get to know so many members as I click on their response to go to their blog. The day was long but what an ending. Yes we slept well.

Monday was a another full day. Wan Leng and Hong Teck from our IT Dept worked to get the campaign webpage up by 1 pm. I helped to edit the content. We just made it in time. Then it was off to lunch celebrate Limei's birthday. Limei is our amazing assistant. What would we do without her? Her birthday is actually this Friday but my wife and I will be flying off for a conference on Friday so we're celebrating early. Then it is a series of meetings in the afternoon. Our family finally got to swim on Monday night. Monday night was also the first time we allowed Daniel to sit in the front passenger seat of the car. With glee on his face, "This is SO exciting!" It's Deborah's turn tomorrow night.

Tuesday is our day off. It's often slow paced consisting of errands. My wife started packing for our upcoming trip and the kids' things because they will stay over with two families here when we're away. Yes Deb had her front-seat experience. She was just as thrilled as her brother. Each new experience for a child is such an adventure. In the afternoon we swam again as we may not be able to exercise much in the upcoming overseas conference.

Today's Wednesday. I'm focusing my devotion time on breakthrough. This is a short reflection... Our Lord God is known by many names in the Bible and His names reveal His character. The Scripture is 2 Samuel 5:20. Before the breakthrough, the scene in the Scripture is called Valley of Rephaim (1 Chro 14:8-11) meaning house of the giant. The enemy thought this point is where he is the strongest. After the victory, King David called it Baal-Perazim meaning God broke through in the strongest place of the enemy. The word literally means 'Lord of the Breakthroughs'. This is where I want to be. Let's make our way here.


Anonymous said...

I also felt the excitement of knowing that ppl are reading and responding to my blog entries when I started it. In fact, I even include a counter to monitor the viewership and that motivates me to write more in my spare time.

jaRain said...

Hi Pastor Ben,

I often feel at awe when Great Leaders share openly about their lifes, just like how you share about your family life. I remember I was totally touched when my SDL shared openly about her weakness before she receive Christ.
Its also a great feeling to be able to read more words of wisdom in regards to the bible thru your blog.

Finally, thanks for being the earthly Father to the church. Oh, and to Pastor Dinah for being the Mother. She is so MOTHERLY!! =)

^_^ said...

Hi Pastor Ben! Hope you have a nice trip. It's great reading your blog.

-- Keng Suan.

The Recreation Corner said...

Your blog is really great!

Great coz we can know you better as a person and not just a Sunday figure :P

Anyway, I think the other Pastors should have blogs too... we want to know them better too :)

Siang said...

Hey Andrew, that is a good idea. Our other Pastors should be encouraged to keep a blog too since Ps Ben has taken the lead ! :) I think Ps Ben's open sharing truly gave me an insight into how simple a life he is living and yet a life that is filled with the Lord's joy

Davina said...

Hi Pastor Ben!!

Wanna thank God for you and your life devoted to God building the church, and being an inspiring model(though only know you from outward and official public sharings and the results). Wanna thank Ps Dinah too for her life in partnership with you to build God's house, a role model too..

Welcome to the blog! honestly, am pretty thrilled when you announce that you are blogging! another window into your life and opportunity to know you and your life better, plus learning from you as well.

All the way Pastor!!


P/s: thanks for breakthrough campaign!
and the challenge to hv breakthrough in faith in aspects of our life. Am inspired already at the beginning to think about areas of and have breakthroughs, though haven't fully gotten onboard as i missed a huge chunk of what's shared at the Breakthrough meeting. Will catch up.


hee. above are my CG members. glad to see them here ;)

ben kc lee said...

thanks alv for the support.
jarain i'm really glad you find this blog helpful
keng suan i remember you - you're a great sister
andrew & siang, when i asked the other pastors to blog - they just smiled. yes siang my life is quite simple
davina/doreen & cg- thanks for your partnership too. we're all anticipating breakthrough