Monday, July 04, 2005

Pat's birthday

Sunday, the 3rd of July was a full day. We had corporate worship in the morning and we had a leaders rally in the afternoon. Then we celebrated Pat's birthday the whole night. Here is a photo of Pat's birthday dinner. (Her husband, Lawrence and Claudia's husband, Jeff both happened to be in Australia.) After dinner Charmaine joined us for a cinematic treat for Pat.

I asked my wife to share something on Pat on the occasion of her birthday. This is what my wife said. “When our twins were three, she paid for their twice weekly playgroup. This was initiated by another close friend Li Chuang and another friend Lisa joined in too. Then from age 4 to 8 (for the last 5 years): Pat decided to set aside a sum of money from her personal budget every month as an investment for our twins’ music education – making it possible to purchase Daniel’s cello and pay for his weekly lessons. Such was her commitment to bless the twins as her own.

Over the last few years, she’s been cutting back on her work hours at the dental clinic (which means less income) so that she can devote more time to serve alongside her husband in our Adults ministry.

Not to mention the many times when she had to adjust her busy schedule to mother our twins when their mom and dad were overseas for many days.”

I did not know many of this. But I do know that those who refresh others will be refreshed. Once again, happy birthday Pat. We love you.

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