Sunday, July 17, 2005

Breakthrough Living

Our church is going to start a journey of breakthrough.

Many may think a breakthrough is a peak or mountain top experience. A breakthrough isn’t the highs or the lows. In all things we may find the imprint of the hand of God leading, embracing. And I am free to respond.

A breakthrough comes when you take a new look at your life – a long, loving look at where you are stuck and whether you are prepared to hear God’s voice say to you: “hang on tight, you are about to come unstuck”.

A breakthrough comes when we apply the good news and give our situations a little shake and see who’s at the other end. Then we see breakthroughs to fuller living. We see our small life invaded and enhanced by the Absolute Life. We see breakthroughs in all aspects of our spiritual lives, in our studies, in our marriage and in our businesses.

Often when I’m on the verge of a breakthrough, the enemy tries to discourage me. So we’re got to learn to pray and overcome spiritual attacks with a degree of excitement because we know that something great is right around the corner.

Breakthrough moments happen when your life and your faith come together. Christ in Luke’s gospel calls it a mustard seed faith that can move mountains. No doubt we’re already got the life and the challenges. Now all we have to do is to put the two together. Then as Christ says, you’ll start to move mountains around you.


The Writers Blog -- Joanne Nakaya said...

So, a breakthrough isn't necessarily an emotional experience, it's an event, an occurrance; something that happens when you're stuck, you set your mind to tune in to God and acknowledge to Him that you're willing to have Him 'unstick' you.

I like that, when your life and your faith come together. Maybe it's also those times when you thought they were together and suddenly realize that they were not. A moment of epiphany that precedes a breakthrough.

Jon Tan said...

Hi Pastor Ben,

I am very honored to hear you calling my name last week as I never expected that you would because I am only a new believer of 1 year in a 2000-somthing church...

I came in to take a "peep" and I am very glad to have you joining the bloggersphere! Though you only announced it this afternoon, it is my greatest pleasure to see myself been the first few bloggers to send in my "welcome" note.

It is a great blessing to have a pastor using this media as a means to "get-to-know" people more, and I guess that is what a contemporary church should do - staying ahead with the "flock".

May you, your family and the church experience divine breakthrough in this "internet fellowship", and I am hoping to be one of those in the church to witness and be part of it as well.

May God always be with us all.


Jiayin said...

Hi Ps Ben!

Really want to thank God for you and Dinah!

The way both of you live out your life is amazing and very encouraging!


Anonymous said...

hi...came here to take a peep.nice blog you have! hee...have a blessed week...

theholychild said...

Hello Pastor Ben... I was a new believer of only four months... There are many breakthroughs for me! Like God converted me Himself when all the people cannot...a breakthrough for me to reach out for Him!
I started to see every second of life with a purpose, since we were made for God and by God, every second is a breaking through section for God!
I began looking at every bad thing happening to me with a new approach, as God trust me knowiing I can overcome it...being something totally impossible for human strenght. Together we can do the breakthrough! Let the church breakthrough for God together!
Lester 19

Anonymous said...

Hi Ps Ben,

YOu are the first pastor I have known to start a blog of your own. Maybe we will see more of our members using blogging as another means to share the Word in the web?

I look forward for your sharing via your blog. There has been too much online trash and in my opinion, we badly need some REAL content (for eg. your sharing) out there..

manuel said...

hello pastor ben hhahhah very kewl ya blog... my pastor got bloggy hahah u noe im emmanuel jeyaraj the only indian CL in tertiary ministry hmm yea take care shall pray 4 u n our project breakthru n i pray i will see my caregroup hit 20 this end year, now is 12.... 8 people more... yeah i wanna see hope singapore tamil service come soon keep in me prayer too yea :)

Siang said...

Hi Pastor Ben, wow, it's a new thing in the church scene to have a Pastor with a blog, looking forward to hear more testimonies on how God is working in your life ! Our Caregroup, NG5A3 has a blog at, do come visit us and leave your thoughts ! :)

Anonymous said...

I like the sermons that you preached. That's the reason I have been attending your service for more than half a year. Whether or not there is a breakthrough, I believe time will reveal everything. Its true that life and faith should be interconnected. But there are just simply scores of facts to overwrite the beliefs that have been persisted. I can't write down here... there's too much of them. I wish you all the best in serving others.

From: The one who asked you several questions during his first few services...

Tiger said...


and Pastor Ben, you very hip! :)

Hiew Hong Teck said...

Breakthough!! It's coming ... Nothing gonna stop us, nothing gonna stop us now!.. I thought you Rock on stage today :-)

Timmy said...

Well, pastor... Very encouraged by your excitement in sharing His love to the people. And i was very suprised and excited to hear that our pastor does blogging.Its a good habit, and it helps us to get to know you and your life better. It acts as a mode to communicate with you.(Cos i am from the tertiary service, not much chances to talk or even greet you). Very blessed with your entries and posts. Wanna affirm you for being such a faith filled pastor, always so excited and serving. Leading the church to God. It is definitely tough to lead His people, yet you still took the challenge. Thank you for leading the church. Thank you for giving your life to Jesus.

Timothy Alvin (Tertiary ministry, Leading the Republic Poly Team)


Muffin said...

Ps Ben, you are my favorite pastor. God bless you & family even more! :)

popuri said...

Hey ... Welcome to the club, Pastor Ben! Looks like we've discovered more bloggers in this planet than ever! I love your blog! And I like what you said about Harry Potter and Da Vinci Code. We can't help but to be all the more discerning in this century. Well, breakthrough is so very very real and needful, i intend to let the holy spirit be more real in my life. Share, if you have time how this aspect of holy spirit can cause this breakthrough to come.

Tobey טוביה said...

Cool cool cool...
My favourite pastor now has a blog!!! So proud... Can show off to my friends liao... Haha
Pastor Ben, ever since I stepped into 'Hope', 'Hope' was finally my docking harbour... I no longer want to drift around aimlessly anymore.
Can't wait to see what Breakthrough my Abba Daddy have in store for me...(B'cos I'm not expecting small results, He never fails to gives me the BEST!!!) And my tertiary unit group [DI] & I will work towards the greatest breakthrough we can deliver...
"Abba Daddy, Pastor Ben, all "Hope-ian"... Just wait and see God's power in us!!!" \(^_^)/

draco_malfoy!!!! said...

Indeed, it is a rare treat for Christ-following cybermaniacs to see a pastor actually connecting to the world via the most recent of breakthroughs of Internet culture: blogging!

I'm sure God has blessed you and Dinah aplenty, as is evident of your blissful marriage and boisterous personalities. It has been an arduous but achieving journey, I suppose, for your past thirteen years? God sees your faithful hearts. :-)

The lot here would probably like to see more testimonies coming from you, particularly on your vision for the Young Adults region, how leaders in your church are being selected, how much authority does the church exercise over members' personal and spiritual lives, as well as the chronological history of Hope of God Singapore. For the last point, I guess many here would be interested to comprehend with your reference to 1996 as the year when Hope was at its all-time low.

There have also been rumors that Hope did not go down well with other churches in the past decade, in terms of doctrinal and cultural applications. Care to comment on that?

ben kc lee said...

writers blog, realise you're from the US. glad you learnt something here.

jon, i'd love to get to know members & new believers. thanks for your early welcome note.

jiayin, great to see your kind words

cedric, you can peep here anytime you want

lester, keep growing & yes we'll do breakthrough together.

alv, thanks for your voice of support

emmanuel, you'll not remain the only indian cl in tert. double yeah for tamil service.

siang, i'll take up your offer to post on your cg blog

wilz, of course i know you. keep journeying towards Christ.

tiger, your pseudonym very hip too

rags/ht, hopekids rocks!

alv, sense your excitement. all the way for republic poly

haydee, what a compliment. continue loving Christ more n more

popuri/sharon, my leadership lesson in aug will touch on HS in breakthough more than the one in jul. look out for it

tobey, no more a drifter. yes i can't wait to see His power even more in D1

draco_malfoy, sure love to answer. since there are many questions & i realise i know you (from your blog) so i'll write to you.