Monday, July 11, 2005

Thirteen Years Today

Dinah and I got married exactly thirteen years ago. Today is our wedding anniversary. As we arrive at our thirteen year mark, I realise that I am so very blessed to be married to a Godly woman like Dinah. Our kids are so fortunate to have a Godly mom like her. I am so grateful that God put her in my life. This anniversary is a special time of thanksgiving and for me to count my blessings.

I also thank God for our wedding anniversaries. Last year we spent our 12th wedding anniversary with church friends in Melbourne while speaking at their church camp. Before that we celebrated our 11th anniversary in New Jersey. I was on course at the Princeton Theological Seminary and Dinah and the kids joined me. (Airfares were low due to SARS and the war.) Then in 2002 we spent our anniversary with church friends in Zurich while attending to church matters there.

This year we decided to celebrate the day before our actual anniversary, which was a Sunday. The kids would be with Claudia. Last week Claudia had offered to take our kids out and we took up her offer. (Thanks Claud)

Sunday came and we had a guest speaker, Rev Melvyn Mak. He was a blessing. After the worship service, I hosted lunch for him and then made my way home. Dinah had gone home first. She was battling flu symptoms and my own health wasn't that great either. We both took a short nap. Then we went out to have a quiet dinner.

We thoroughly enjoyed dining together at this nice restaurant. We even got the waiter to take a photo of us. That photo didn't quite turn out as expected. Here's an older photo.

It has been a very good thirteen years. I look forward knowing that our best years are ahead of us.


The Writers Blog -- Joanne Nakaya said...

Congratulations, 13 years. Yes, the best years are ahead. My husband and I have been married 34 years. He is a blessing to me too; in spite of the turmoils of life he has been a steady anchor. God knew what I needed and has blessed me and blessed us.

Siang said...

Hey Ps Ben, congrats to your wedding anniversary, i think God has indeed strengthened both your relationships with one another. Though im not married, yearning to, :P, but im sure married life isn't all smooth sailing, so God must remain the centre of our lives in order for it to work out.

ben kc lee said...

hello there 'writers blog', it's great to know your marriage is going strong after 34 years.
thanks siang for the wish and yes God needs to be in the centre in the marriage and pretty much everything else too. keep yearning for God.