Thursday, July 21, 2005

An Appointment

Wednesday night was spent with some of our church leaders. (Attach a photo of us taken in Sep 03). Last night I defined what a breakthrough is, explained why God wants us to have a breakthrough and finally how we get breakthroughs. You can expect this lesson to be taught at this weekend's huddles around the church.

In the book of Ecclesiastes chapter three we read of seasons and times. There is a time and a season for everything. Currently we are asking God to breakthrough any dead works so that we can be who we are in Christ, so we can function out of love for God, out of faith in Christ and not do anything from a human perspective. I want to get out spiritual lethargy. My prayer is “Give us a breakthrough! Lord, come into my spirit and change my perspectives and heal my brokenness!” Breakthrough is a divine appointment I want to keep.

Today is Thursday. There were four meetings today. I was glad to have some time with Matthias and Yvonne between meetings. Uli's attachment started earlier and she has gone back to Berlin. I asked Matthias and Yvonne about two of our members who are doing missions in Germany. They asked about church planting in Europe.

Also my wife and I are clearing stuff so we can fly tomorrow with peace of mind. We're coordinating so that work-in-process gets attention while we're away. We have to bring folders and reading materials for the trip. My wife is not just packing for the trip. That's the easy part. She's drawing up a detailed schedule for our kids while they are here. Our twins will stay with two families (Pastor Lawrence and Pat as well as my wife's sister), so there are logistics ie handovers and pickups. My wife does a great job. We do have our moments. There was one trip where our kids got two skirts for the's day school uniform. My son chose to wear his school shorts that was unwashed rather than the fresh skirt. (Good choice)


Muffin said...

We're prayin' for a safe trip!

Jiayin said...

Have a fruitful and safe trip!


Siang said...

Hey Ps Ben, have a great trip ! May God use u to make an impact there !

The Recreation Corner said...

Thank God for both of you (Dinah & yourself) for your surrendered lives to serve Him and His Church.

And a special compliment to Pastor Dinah for your support to our dear Pastor Ben.

Your blog really helps us to better cover you and your family in prayers.

gilbertrgo said...

Ps Ben,

have a great and fruitful trip!
far east central family keep you in prayers.

yeu@nn said...

My son chose to wear his school shorts that was unwashed rather than the fresh skirt. (Good choice)


The Rational Neurotic said...

My son chose to wear his school shorts that was unwashed rather than the fresh skirt. (Good choice)

This is one time that hygiene might have to take a back seat. *grin*

Paul said...

can see that many people are leaving comments like "we'll pray for you"....i think its the same for this Breakthrough times of the church. The church must pray like never before to break through strongholds of the devil. To break through walls that stop us from moving forward in the Kingdom of God. I sort of felt that this is the time our church must grow in prayer. :)

Rachel Tham said...

Dear Pastor Ben and Dinah,
Have a really safe trip!

ben kc lee said...

thanks muffin (tasty pseudonym) and gilbert for praying.
indeed andrew - don't know what i'll do without my wife.
thanks jiayin, siang and rachel for the friendly greetings
agreed paul - breakthrough means we need to grow in prayer
sorry yeu@nn, you lost me there with "LOL! XD" code
yes 'rational neurotic' this time it's masculinity & modesty over hygiene