Saturday, October 08, 2005

Cockroach Attack!

Editor's Note: This post was suggested by Deb and drafted jointly by the twins. You could say that they are guest columnists. Initially I thought they were going to write their Saturday morning experience. Now I realise that they wrote as if I was writing. I guess their logic is that this is daddy's blog. Anyway here is children styled narrative. Enjoy...

Today is Saturday. This morning while the twins were packing their bags, Deb found a cockroach in her bag.

I was shocked to see a cockroach in Deb’s bag. The kids were holding rolled up newspapers and trying to whack the cockroach. It went into the rubbish bin into the yogurt container for a while. I used insecticide to spray the cockroach in the rubbish bin. It sort of flipped itself out of the dustbin and onto the floor. Then I borrowed Deb’s newspaper to whack the cockroach. The cockroach ran through my legs so I jumped and the kids called it a “ split” in the air. I had to do it even if the kids called ‘it’ a funny joke . I had to whack the cockroach with the newspapers a few times until it died . I am glad I killed it then I grabbed it with a piece of tissue, flushed it into the toilet bowl.

Ben's note: My wife is not part of this. The simple reason is because at this time she is making final preparations to preach tomorrow morning. So this is one of those rare Saturday night blogs.


YingSoon said...

Heard from someone before that most guys are afraid of flying cockroach. Reminds me of the song La Cucaracha :p

Unknown said...

hi pastor ben! =) its steph here from auckland, please say hi to the twins for me! and tell them that they should come visit us here, there are no cockroaches! =)
God Bless!

tamarrr said...

hi deborah! its tamar. :) how are you? i am totally scared of cockroaches too, especially flying ones. yucks! hehe.. hi pastor ben, you got 2 comments from 2 person from auckland! how coincidental.

how are you? =D thing has been going well here for me. God has been doing a work in me too. I will see you soon. will be back on dec7!

send my regards to diana and daniel too!

'as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.'


The Rational Neurotic said...

brrrrr cockroaches. yesterday when the cg was praying at starhub a tiny one was running up at my left upper arm! My guess it's either an intelligent tiny robot engineered by the foodcourt to chase table hoggers like us away, or it was probably drawn to the "holy air" around us hahahahaha..

glad to know that there's always a few things that freak out people, regardless of age, gender or profession. We're human!

YingSoon said...


La Cucaracha, La Cucaracha,
Running up and down the house,
La Cucaracha, La Cucaracha,
Quiet as a little mouse.
He gets in trouble, a lot of trouble,
Snooping here and everywhere,
La Cucaracha, La Cucaracha,
Always keeps the cupboards bare.

Then one day the cook was baking,
Wondered he, "What is she making?"
For it looked so appetizing,
With the batter slowly rising.
To the edge he started skipping,
Then he found that he was slipping,
In the pie so hot and blazing,
Now he's just another raisin.

La Cucaracha, La Cucaracha,
Running up and down the house,
La Cucaracha, La Cucaracha,
Quiet as a little mouse.
He got the jitters, the sweet and bitters,
Lived and loved and said good-bye,
La Cucaracha, La Cucaracha,
Just the same as you and I.

Tiger said...

hahaha... this is a funny/cute post. U mean they wrote what they think you would say Pastor Ben?

Sandy said...

Wow Pastor Ben, your twins certainly have the same narrative style as you! If you hadn't mention, I wouldn't even have guessed they penned this! hahaha... how cute! :)

ben kc lee said...

yes yingsoon, there's something about guys and flying roaches.

no roaches there steph? yes I said hi for you & hope to visit.

tamarr, great coincidence. I sent your regards. will see you dec7.

dear rational neurotic, course I'm human

think you're right tiger, they imagined what I'd write & wrote.

Sandy, they're cute & are partners in mischief.