Friday, October 28, 2005

Morning Intercession

For quite some time I have been noticing people from second Sunday service who join the early Sunday pre-service prayer. Our second service starts at 11:30am so they are there 3 hours earlier at 8:30 am for morning intercession.

Three weeks ago I asked Mike, a pastoral staff how many people actually do this. He said he could tell me and he offered to write down the names. Two Fridays ago, Mike sent me the list. There are 48 people from second service who join pre-service prayer regularly.

Then last week I got three different stories of members and why they join us in the pre-service prayer. One of them will share her story live this weekend. They are all very dedicated members indeed. With such people, we have a bright future.

Dinah and I will go overseas in just a few hours. We go assured intercession will continue here and knowing there will be intercession for us as we serve overseas.

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